Is keeping money in the bank no longer safe? Feat Nick Barisheff – Live From The Vault Ep:91

Is Keeping Money In The Bank No Longer Safe? - BMG DIY Investor
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Is Keeping Money in the Bank No Longer Safe? | BMG DIY Investor

Nick Barisheff, joins Andrew Maguire to share his unique approach to the subject of physical gold as a tool of survival and prosperity. The industry legend comments on the globally observable socio-political unrest, as keeping money in the bank becomes uncomfortable for people who turn to precious metals in the search for financial stability and freedom.

00:00 Start
02:10 Who is Nick Barisheff
04:05 Turning Canada upside down. About account seizing.
07:40 Keeping money in the bank becomes uncomfortable.
08:40 Systemic collapse in Europe this winter? You either eat or heat.
11:11 Sanctions helped Russia significantly strengthen the Ruble
13:40 Russia and China are no.1 and no.2 gold producers globally
16:10 Dollar’s days as the world’s strongest currency are numbered.
19:25 “$10,000 gold” – how conceivable it is now?
23:05 How is gold price correlated with hyperinflation?
26:20 Silver – you can’t make electronics out of COMEX futures contracts…
31:00 Should you invest in gold, silver or platinum?