Why Be a Do-It-Yourself Investor

Whether budgeting for a trip of a lifetime, helping children get on the property ladder or planning for retirement, we all have financial milestones and objectives, and faced with the high cost of professional advice, an increasing number of people are deciding to take personal control of their finances; technology is the enabler.

There is no doubt that the financial services sector, and in particular the City, have revelled in being impenetrable to the man on the street – with enlightenment and guidance come fat fees – but having scraped away much of its pomp and jargon, it is not difficult to get to grips with the basic principles of investing and investment products; online platforms now serve up market data, planning tools and trading technology that were once the preserve of the professional.

This site delivers information to experienced investors and education to those new to savings and investment; it unites a community of self-directed investors to consider challenges, share experiences and make informed investment decisions.

Take the bull by the horns and establish your financial goals, understand you attitude to risk and build a personal investment plan, use the tools and means that are available to you, trade and monitor your investments.