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Nick Barisheff: Stagflation Looming, Holding Gold “More Important Than Ever”

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US inflation data released last week shows that the Consumer Price Index jumped 7 percent in 2021, marking the biggest 12 month increase since 1982. But do official statistics tell the whole story? According to Nick Barisheff, CEO of BMG Group, the answer is “no.” Speaking to the Investing News Network, he pointed out that if inflation was calculated the way it was in 1980, it would be at 15 percent. He also noted that inflation is happening at a time when GDP is declining. “(With) the two of them combined we get stagflation,” said Barisheff, adding, “That’s the worst possible combination
0:00 – Intro
0:19 – What’s the real deal on inflation?
2:41 – Holding gold more important than ever
5:36 – Fed between a rock and a hard place
7:18 – Is a market crash inevitable?
11:25 – Central bank gold-buying trends
15:36 – Gold and silver prices in 2022
21:08 – Sit out the crash, buy at the bottom
24:58 – Outro

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